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News headlines are now available for MarketCast v3.5 on Fire TV and Android TV!

We are happy to announce the release of our newest update to MarketCast that displays glanceable text news headlines. News headlines are a great way to stay updated with information affecting the stock market.

The news headlines can be found in two different places in MarketCast. The first is right on the main portfolio screen when you first open MarketCast. This is handy when viewing your stocks because you can see news headlines at the bottom of your stock portfolios.

The second place to find our news headlines is while you are in the LIVE updates. While looping through updated stock prices you will also see slideshows of text news headlines as part of the rotation. This will ensure you are always up to date on the latest news headlines.

To top things off we have also made sure to give you control of whether or not you want to see news headlines in LIVE by controlling them in LIVE Setup. Live setup now allows you to toggle stock prices, history graphs, and news headlines. You are able to control what you see!

Find the new version of MarketCast here! Enjoy the update!

Ready to build a stock portfolio on your Apple TV? MarketCast is now available for Apple's newest TV platform!

We are proud to finally release MarketCast for users of Apple's 4th and soon to be 5th generation Apple TV. MarketCast is the perfect way to build a stock portfolio on your Apple device. Easily show prices of the stocks you care about in your office, lobby or even your own living room. Just search for MarketCast in the Apple TV AppStore or get it from the iTunes store!

We would like to invite the United Kingdom to MarketCast

MarketCast for United Kingdom

Starting today users in the United Kingdom can download MarketCast FREE for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Google Chromecast! We have also added thousands of securities from the London Stock Exchange so hopefully our new UK users can find what they need. Don't forget we are listening if you have any feedback for us. Happy MarketCasting!

MarketCast 2.0 is here with all new LIVE mode!

MarketCast 1.0 was a great way to see stock market updates with your custom portfolio but now we have made it even better. After you create your rows / categories of stocks you can head to the LIVE feature and have them run as an automated slide show. Stocks will automatically update and display on the screen so you can ensure hands free operation while never missing any pricing information. Feel free to leave us some feedback if you have any questions and look forward to more features soon!

MarketCast is now available for Amazon Fire TV!

Amazon Fire TV

Whats the most popular online retailer on the entire planet? What is their biggest selling streaming device?

MarketCast is finally available on all Amazon streaming devices. If you own an Amazon Fire TV 1st or 2nd generation or even one of the Fire TV sticks, MarketCast is just a download away. You will find the experience very similar to the Smart TV MarketCast app. The best part is we also added Amazon sign-in! When you log into MarketCast to build a stock portfolio there is no account registration. Just allow the app to use your Amazon account and you are ready to add stocks to your portfolio! Enjoy Amazon Fire TV investors and if you have any questions please reach out to us on Facebook!

MarketCast is now available for Google Chromecast!

We are happy to announce that in addition to Smart TVs we are now supporting the Google Chromecast.

Prior to now the only way to download the MarketCast app was to download it from a Sony Bravia TV or one of the Android TV streaming devices. Now, if you dont have a Smart TV like a Sony Bravia you can use a cost effective Chromecast! The Chromecast is a 35 dollar streaming device that can be found at any retailer or online store. Head on over to the Google Play store on your phone and download the new MarketCast app to view your stock portfolio. If the MarketCast app senses a Chromecast on your wifi network you will get an icon to cast your stocks to the television. Happy Casting!

What is MarketCast?

MarketCast is a way to get live stock updates on your smart tv with ZERO extra hardware

If you already own or buy a Smart TV with Android TV you can simply download MarketCast and create a stock portfolio.

Use it for live updates on stocks in your home or add it to your business to show the market on a wall at all times!

MarketCast can be found on select Sony Bravia, RCA and Sharp Android Smart TVs! It is also available on select streaming devices.

MarketCast App