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What is MarketCast?

MarketCast is a way to get live stock updates on your streaming device or smart TV

MarketCast is a great way to build stock portfolios on a TV. Just download our FREE app on one of the supported devices to get started!

Use it for live updates on stocks in your home or add it to your business. Show the market on a wall at all times!

MarketCast can be found on select Smart TVs as well as many streaming devices! Check out device compatibility below and just search for MarketCast on your favorite app store!

MarketCast Stock App

Why MarketCast?

Business or Personal

Use MarketCast at home or at the office. Just install it from the app store on a Google Cast supported device, Amazon Fire TV or a Sony Android TV.

Top Technology

We built for voice supported devices. Use your voice to search for stocks! (Android TV only)

MarketCast Stock App

Create a Portfolio FREE

Your stock porfolio will be saved to the cloud so you will always have it.

Google/Amazon Sign In

Sign in with your Google or Amazon account to avoid a typical registration process.

Android TV

TV and Streaming Device Compatibility

Android TV

MarketCast is available on Sony Bravia Televisions and other select brands. It is also available on the Nvidia Shield TV and Xiaomi Mi Box.

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Android TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Look for MarketCast on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick!

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Apple TV

Look for MarketCast on the newest Apple TV. Just search for MarketCast on the TV AppStore!

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Apple TV 4

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Look for MarketCast on any Android phone including Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Moto X, Droid, HTC One. Can be casted to any Chromecast or Google cast device.

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MarketCast Stock App

Discover Features

MarketCast Stock App

Live updates

In live mode your porfolio will update pricing information automatically

MarketCast Stock App

Easy to Use

MarketCast is a breeze to use because of its fluid user interface

MarketCast Stock App

Gmail/Amazon Sign In

Use your Google account instead of registering

MarketCast Stock App

Voice Search

Use your voice (or type) with your Smart TV to easily find stocks

Want anything, Anytime? Let’s chat.

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or the Contact Us form below

We are just getting started with MarketCast so we need help from anyone interested in trading. Please share your feedback at anytime!

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Stocks on Smart TV
Stocks on Smart TV
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We are currently available on the Android TV Google Playstore as well as the Amazon App Store!

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