Wallstreetbets Reddit stock picks are now available on MarketCast!

Posted 3/22/21 @MarketCastApp

Wall street bets is a famous subreddit that is known for its crazy stock picks and ability to move the market. Look no further than the excitment they have created by fighting the shorts with the GME Gamestop stock. Check out the wallstreetbets subreddit here if you have never seen it.

How do I find wallstreetbets Reddit stock picks?

The question a lot of poeple have is what stocks are next for wallstreetbets? How do I find what stocks wallstreet bets are interested in without having to constantly read a forum on Reddit? Well the answer is here! MarketCast now displays the top eight stocks that all 8 million wall street bets users have discussed the past 24 hours. No need to sign up for Reddit. No need to spend hours a day reading through a forum! Just get the MarketCast app! MarketCast will update daily giving you a unique lens into whats stocks are next!

How do I get Wallstreetbets on MarketCast?

    1. Using a Amazon Fire TV or Google/Android TV streaming device search for MarketCast in the appstore.
    2. Alternatively, you can install MarketCast from your computer here for Amazon Fire TV and here for Google TV.
    3. Download and sign into the MarketCast app.
    4. Once you are in the app just click the 'STREAM' icon right on the top of the homescreen.
    5. The stream will show your stocks as well as a slide dedicated to the top stocks on WallStreetBets the past 24 hours!
    6. You are done. Enjoy your diamond hands!